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What we love

Airtable provides a great and fun way to organise information. We use this to organise anything from our outreach efforts, useful references, other web tools that we use and even our affiliate links. The ability to use Apps and Automation within Airtable means that I can get simple dashboards for the things which are simple enough. They keep coming up with new exciting features which makes us a loyal fan.

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What we love

Jotform provides a whole host of widgets to collect the information that you need. This can be used for customer satisfaction surveys, important photo reporting and even a task report. You can sign up for its free plan and upgrade as you need to. The range of widgets means that you would most likely find something you need. The basics like signature fields, matrix table, calculated fields etc. are all there. With a little creativity, the possibilites are endless.

What's more, you can create personalised reports in PDF that can be automatically sent to you or the person who fills up the form. This is automation at its best. You can also integrate the tool with Airtable, Google Sheets and many more. We have not found any form builder that provides the type of flexibility that it does.

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What we love

We built this website on Webflow. It provides us the great flexibility of adjusting every single element on our website. The ability to set classes to the different elements and organization of these elements allows us to have a consistent design across the site. Need a repeating element across multiple pages? No worries, just create a symbol you can use. We built this completely in-house without any designer and I think the results are pretty decent.

The CMS features means that you can manage all your content and blog post in a very systematic manner and build the design elements around it. Check out our blog page if you need a reference as it shows the custom color that we have added to every single topic. It is a very powerful tool to use.

If you ever need to build a website, you can definitely check out Webflow.

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