Open Data Singapore

The Singapore Government created in 2011 to allow public access to government-product data from over 70 government agencies. Leveraging on that data could prove valuable to various industries. Apart from, there are also other open data sources such as SingStat, Land Transport DataMall, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) API and others.

Using Microsoft Power BI, we can seamlessly integrate the publicly-available data together with the data from your business. For example, you could compare your year-on-year revenue growth with GDP growth to give you an indication on how your business is doing compared to the economy.

Whether you want to set a custom benchmark based on external indicators, or use the data to guide your sales and production figures, we can help you do that.

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Open Data is free and easily available.
Where others have failed to utilise it, it becomes a powerful competitive edge for you when you harness the valuable insights from Open Data.

See how your business is performing compared to the economy. GDP and other data can provide valuable insights, and knowing whether you are keeping pace with economic growth and other indicators could alert you to potential opportunities and threats.

There are so many different data sets and it is up to your creativity to leverage on these data sets to make the best value to your business. From farming area, to HDB rental and sales information, or resident population by planning area, you can find something insightful.

Sample Dashboard with Singapore's Open Data

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