Streamline Your Business
with Automated Reporting

Even if you are still using Excel, fret not!

Manual reporting is a dinosaur from the past and is an immensely unproductive task to keep in your organization today. Reports generated manually are prone to errors and mistakes.

We want reports to be automated and generated accurately so that we can know what is happening in our business.

  • ✅  Save huge amounts of time
  • ✅  No more copy and paste
  • ✅  Analyze large amount of data including previous years
  • ✅  Streamline your reporting process
  • ✅  Get accurate data
  • ✅  Data used easily in dashboards
  • ✅  Pull data from everywhere

We provide consulting and implementation to help you generate the reports you need fast.

Automated reports can pull data from your services or even from your various Excel files.
What you need is to figure out how you can streamline your data and make sure that it is structured properly.
You can even have multiple Excel files across multiple locations.
This will allow for easy compilation of all your data.

Automated reporting tools you want to invest in must be streamlined with your dashboard tools.
These two are tightly interlinked and must be considered in tandem.
This is because your data is a vault full of insights.

Give yourself the peace of mind by making sure that the automatic reporting also delivers the dashboards that you want to see.
By doing so, it also makes it easier to ensure that the data preparation is done properly and only done once.

Otherwise, the need to integrate your automatic reporting tools and your dashboard might require duplicated efforts which would not be productive.

If You are Still Using Excel, Don't Worry

If you are still working with your reports in Excel, one of the dangers is the accidental changes in your data.

However, when you can separate your reports by months, you can ensure that the data in previous months are checked, verified and locked to prevent accidental edits. This would usually not be possible previously because it would be tedious to combine the various reports manually and also error-prone.

With automated reports, regardless of the number of files, we can aggregate data automatically and easily across all the Excel files. Even if you have hundreds of files, it can be combined fast to generate the dashboard you need to see for previous years of data.

However, while we do not recommend using Excel for all your database requirements, this is an easy way for businesses to get started.

This can maximise the value of the data you currently have as you move towards the necessary tools for the future. With this, you can grow your business quickly while understanding the key insights you need.

Once we help our clients implement this, reporting becomes seamless, fast and accurate. All these information can all be seen clearly on the dashboards. Compiling your reports in a manner that lets you analyze the trends and issues, while displaying all your key metrics and indicators in a clear manner.

Easily Combine Reports, Even Hundreds and Thousands

  • ✅  Keep your reports organized
  • ✅  Prevent accidental overwrite of data
  • ✅  Clean up data and spot errors
  • ✅  Save huge amounts of time

Your Reports, Anywhere, Anytime

Pre-define schedules that you would like others to receive your reports via email. It could be a daily morning brief format, or use it as a summary of what has happened in the past month. Whatever your reporting processes, make it work for you automatically.
Access your dashboards and reports on the go with the Power BI app which is available on both Android and iOS. Never wait to go back into office to find out what is the latest data and have it at your fingertips.
Generate professional looking PDFs which can be sent to anyone, used for presentation or just to keep an archive. Exporting your Power BI reports to PDF is simple and fast.

Let's automate your reporting