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We live in a complex environment, our world is ever changing.
We need to make sense of our business and our operations.

With the myriad of tools and online services out there, you need smart dashboards that can help you integrate the data and get you the information you need fast.

We help business do that with Microsoft Power BI.

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Data presented simply

Too much data can be overwhelming, we develop best in-class Power BI dashboards to present the information to you in the most meaningful manner.

Insights to drive your strategy

Your strategy needs to be driven by key insights for you to develop the cutting edge over your competitors. We work with you to uncover these game-changing elements from your data.

Empower your teams

Improve your team productivity by providing them the tools they need to understand their operations better so that they can make better decisions.

Maximise Business Value from Your Data

Whether you have data from your ERP systems or from Excel spreadsheets, we can help you bring together your data.
We then build these insightful dashboards using Microsoft Power BI, customised to your needs.

No idea where to start but know these are important?
Feel free to reach out to us and we can figure it out together.
Construction Projects
Construction project dashboards can help you monitor your projects more effectively. See ahead with project forecast and cashflow trends, and analyse the costs and budget trends.
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F&B Forecasting
Unique to Singapore's scenario, we analyse the performance of an F&B business and show the impact of the various safety measures in different phases and forecast ahead.
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With a sales dashboard, you can keep your team motivated on the goals set, monitor their performance and develop key strategies around your products.
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Customer Service
A well-designed dashboard can help you spot trends and rectify issues when your team's performance is slipping or if you require resources in certain areas.
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Vehicle Fleet
A healthy vehicle fleet is critical to your operations. A vehicle fleet dashboard can help you keep them in tip-top condition by spotting potential issues.
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Provide an overview on employees and overall HR management, including breakdown of demographics, gross salary and years of service
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