Power BI vs Tableau Cost Calculator

Need to know how Power BI compared to Tableau in terms of the cost to your business?
We put together this calculator so that it can give you a definitive answer to whether Power BI or Tableau is the more cost effective solution.

Power BI and Tableau are both business intelligence tools that provide data analytics through rich and interactive dashboards which can transform your organisations. Power BI presents a very cost-effective solution for your business to get started quickly, especially if you are already in the Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) ecosystem. This means you can integrate Power BI with popular existing applications that you might already be using such as Microsoft Teams, allowing for greater collaboration.

In Tableau, they have different user roles and different pricing based on the users roles. At the team and organisation levels, they do have specific minimum. Therefore, do take note to select those accordingly. The tool also caters to small teams with less than the minimum of 106 users, but each user will be charged at the Creator's pricing.

Comparatively, Power BI can range anywhere between 25% to 90% cheaper compared to Tableau depending on the distribution of user types. If you are in an organisation with a larger proportion of creators and explorers, you can expect more savings.

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