Supercharge your Business with Power BI

Gain the competitive edge with insights into your data

✓   Spend less time with reports
✓   Visualise your reports
✓   Access in one central location

Is this familiar to you?

  • ✅  You struggle to make sense of the numbers on an Excel report
  • ✅  You have trouble identifying patterns or trends in your data
  • ✅  You can't connect the dots between different data sources
  • ✅  You feel you need to unlock the potential of data in your business
  • ✅  You lack the necessary expertise to bring you insights into your data
man troubled

Let's be honest here

You shouldn't have to

  • ❌ Get reports only on a monthly or weekly basis
  • ❌ Only see snapshot of your data in a narrow range
  • ❌ Look for different people to get your reports
  • ❌ Receive reports through emails
  • ❌ Question the accuracy of the report
  • ❌ Hire more employees just to get the insights you need

Your team shouldn't have to

  • ❌  Spend days preparing reports
  • ❌  Prepare different reports for different people
  • ❌  Create a new report when a specific issue is raised
  • ❌  Send reports manually
  • ❌  Double-check formulas each time they prepare a report
  • ❌  Take focus away from other important things
You don't have to lose sleep over this

We've helped teams like yours
leverage on Power BI

"Acxtron delivered an exceptional job to help us build a dashboard which brought together all our projects budgets and activity for the first time.

This was important for us as we scale, since we have multiple projects spread out across multiple countries and dealt with different currencies.

Being able to have that data visualised has brought tremendous impact to our strategic decision making too."

Mr Khoo Jyh Hao, Director
Utracon Overseas Pte Ltd
You can trust us as your Power BI experts

Check Out The Insights You Could Get

By streamlining your data and processes,
we can build these insightful dashboards for you

Interact with the dashboard to discover
just some of the things you can achieve with us

Construction Projects

Construction project dashboards can help you analyse the performance of your different construction projects and its progress. Management of cash flow is very important for the successful completion of a project.

Interact with this dashboard

Financial Dashboard

Financial dashboards help decision-makers quickly and easily understand the financial performance of the business, identify trends, and make informed decisions to improve financial outcomes.

Interact with this dashboard


To monitor the overall organizational's HR health through salary, years of service and attrition trends to give insights into leadership and working environment

Interact with this dashboard

Vehicle Fleet

To provide a good overview of your fleet and early notice into the problems and maintenance requirements

Interact with this dashboard

Customer Service

To provide the key insights into your customer's satisfaction towards the products and customer service, as well as the team's performance

Interact with this dashboard


To give you sales performance, trends and areas where you can develop your strategies around marketing, procurement and other major factors

Interact with this dashboard

Do you want better insights from

We can work with these tools and many more.

Here's how we work

We build in days, not months
so you can reap the benefits


Figuring out your data sources and processes is the first key step to discover the potential in your data and setting the right foundation. Understanding your pain points and needs is also crucial.


We help you streamline at the right level, so that it can scale as you grow. You don't want to get stuck with a solution which is costly to maintain in the long run.


Building the best visualisations that communicate the right story about your data, is fundamental to delivering the insights you need.

We have changed how they deal with data

More than 20 projects
Saved 1000s of hours from
preparing manual reports
Saved 100s of hours
during meetings

Get Started in 3 Steps:



Let's meet to discuss your challenges and needs



We'll provide you a detailed solution for your project that will elevate you as a data-driven business



We will build your dashboards and refine them with you

Our Guarantee

We won't leave you hanging

Free 1-Year Warranty

If you find any errors due to our development, we will fix them for free. No worries!

Evolve Your Dashboard

FREE 1 hour session monthly for the next 3 months to make any small amendments to your dashboards so it evolves with you

Going Beyond with You

FREE 3 hours Strategy Consultation
for your next project because
we know you won’t want to stop there

*These are based on the typical project, but depends on the scale of your project

We believe your business deserves better

We have seen the frustration that our clients have gone through that forced them to look for a solution.

It pains us to see how businesses go about each month spending tons of time preparing reports, but not being able to take insights-driven action.

They simply don't have the time to analyse the data and are missing out on a wealth of insights hidden in their existing data.

man with focus
Don't lose out in the long run!

Keep up or lose out

The global economy is becoming crazy competitive. You can't afford to fall behind your competitors who are using data analytics to gain an edge

Don't waste time

Time is money. How much money are you leaving on the table by not taking action? Imagine all you could achieve with the extra time

Avoid bad decisions

Inaccurate data can cause you to make the wrong decision, and the wrong insights can wreak your strategy. Make sure you are looking at the right things

Now let's supercharge your business with Power BI

Achieve a 10X ROI for your investment in data analytics

Data that matters

Best in-class Power BI dashboards to present information to you in the most meaningful manner

Spot opportunities

Your data-driven strategy will help you develop the competitive edge over your competitors. We work with you to uncover these game-changing elements from your data

Empower your teams

Your team will start looking at the insights, and become better at making decisions that matter for your company

Want Insights into Your Data?